Do’s & Don’ts

Wrap bracelets, that have a button on the back, should never be worn in or exposed to water. Be careful and avoid exposure to perfumes, hair product, soaps, lotions, oils and household chemicals. Always remove jewelry before exercising and cleaning.

Knitted bracelets however can be worn anywhere, anytime.  They are waterproof and will not be damaged if showering or swimming with them so go ahead and enjoy.


It is important to remember that gemstones are alive, and absorb energy that needs to be cleaned, cleared, and recharged so that you can reap the full benefits of the stones.  Here are some ways to keep your precious gemstones recharged and clear:

  1. One of the easiest methods for clearing your gemstone jewelry is to put it in the sun for a few hours. The sun will recharge the crystals and gemstones to perfection.  This method works with all stones except Amethyst.
  2. Putting your gemstones under a New Moon over night will open the way for new beginnings.  
  3. Place your crystal among the leaves of a growing, healthy plant for 24 hours or more to charge it. This is said to bring growth energies to the charged crystal.


Our life-time guarantee* offers a life-time of wearing our products.  It means that if you have the leather and all stones in-tact we will fix it free-of-charge, otherwise a small fee will be required to change leather or add any missing stones.  All you have to do is ping us on or Instagram and we will come to the rescue.  

Please note that extra charges will be incurred if stones are missing and/or leather is cut due to wear and tear.  We DO NOT pick up bracelets, you have option of leaving the bracelets at Aramex with our account number for a small fee or drop it off to us in Heliopolis free of charge.  

Wrist Measurement 

Measuring your wrist is easy if needed and here is a short video that will show you just how to do so. 


Cleansing your Cocosh Bracelets

Before we talk about the how-to, let’s start with the WHY! This is key to understanding the importance of clearing and charging gemstone and crystal jewelry that is used for healing. 

We know crystals produce energy, but crystals also absorb and hold energies they come into contact with. This is why it’s important to cleanse new crystal jewelry, so you can purify it of any old energy it may be hanging onto.

How often do I need to cleanse my stones?

The more often you use a stone, the more energy it collects. A good rule of thumb is to clear all of your stones at least once a month.

If an individual stone is feeling heavier than usual, go ahead and cleanse it. You don’t have to wait a designated amount of time between clearings.

What is the best method for clearing stones?

Salt Cleansing Method

Bury your Cocosh in a bowl of salt. While you can use a glass or pottery bowl, you may wish to use a plastic one to minimize the risk of chipping your crystals.

  1. Leave the bowl of salt and your Cocosh underneath a full moon.
  2. If your Cocosh have collected a lot of negative energy, you can leave them outside undisturbed for three days. 
  3. When you remove your Cocosh from the salt, either bury the salt or empty it into a trash bag and dispose of it. 
  4. Never reuse the salt since it has drawn out the impurities and negative energies the crystal has absorbed.

You can buy natural salt from noting that we do not take any commission on any sales from Oasis Salt and you are welcome to purchase natural sea salt from any supplier in Egypt.

How do I know my Cocosh is cleansed?

The stone should feel energetically and physically lighter to the touch.

Understanding the importance and how-to of clearing and charging your Cocosh pieces will help you gain the most benefit from your jewelry!