Meeting a Scorpio Can be Enchanting, but should their sign intimidate you?

Sweet November has knocked on our doors, bringing with it all the chilly vibes and romantic essence. However, we have had a very special guest knocking on the 23rd of October just to meet up with November providing a festive season for the SCORPIOS!

Scorpio season starts on the 23rd of October and ends on the 21st of November.  Many people think "Strict", "Too Harsh" or "Aggressive" whenever they think about Scorpio.  Let's take a deeper look, and see if that is true!

If Scorpios were to be identified with just a single sentence, it would be "All or None".  This sign is ruled by Pluto, which regulates transformation, death and rebirth. Yes, it is as intense as it seems. This is exactly why you should never expect a greyish behavior from a Scorpio.


How Can You Break the Ice?

They won't like a chit chat about weather or work conditions. You can't just go ahead and poke a Scorpio thinking you can get in. You got to go grab your tools, and DIG deep.

You got to do your research first, and see how he spends his time and what his interests are. However, be yourself and do not fake your interests; choose something you both have in common.

Next thing to do is put your bold face, and go for it.


What to Expect on a First Date?

Scorpio is a water sign; they live life to the fullest to express every emotion and experience it all. Don't get me wrong. They won't just rush into relationships with random people trying to live new experiences or evoke emotions. On the contrary, they take all the time they need before getting involved in a relationship; but once they pop, they don't stop. All or none, remember?

They are wonderful partners; they are intimate, passionate, and super faithful. This is never to be mistaken for weakness or vulnerability. They are assertive and intelligent. They will look for the truth in every possible corner, so stay loyal!

Always be ready for intensity, be it an intense conversation over a cup of coffee or in bed.



Befriending a Scorpio

Scorpios are just as great as friends as they are as lovers.

If you go to your Scorpio friend with a secret, you can really sleep well that night. This secretive and mysterious buddy will probably keep it safe and sound. That does not mean that he will be nice to you if you committed a misbehavior. He will be true to your face and tell you exactly what you need to hear.

Whether or not you still think Scorpios are aggressive, too harsh or too much to handle is up to you. It is your call if you want to exert the effort to get in this exceptional relationship. In this season, no mediocrity is accepted. Get ready for the intense ride, or run


Stay tuned for our next post with the amazing Monica Keddis, explaining to us a whole new form of ART THERAPY!

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