Dance Movement Therapy

Your body is the only thing that you are definitely going to wake up in the morning to find that it is still there. We are born in these bodies and will die in them. Bodies are more than just vessels to the soul. They are a huge part of who we are. They are the best friends that live with us through thick and thin. They have seen us laugh and cry, and they hold a scar or a wrinkle for every memory.

Dance Movement is a school of Art Therapy that recognizes the importance of body-mind relationship. Information from our emotional history remains stored in our bodies. It manifests in our postures, gestures, use of space and our movements. It becomes clear that we can't discard the body and its non- verbal expression as a source of information in the process of healing.

Monica Keddis is an Egyptian enthusiast, who decided to not stop her dreams at her prominent job at P&G. Monica took her time to explore her passion in life until she stumbled upon Dance Movement Therapy. She took it to a professional level, and started studying at school of DMTER in Rome.

Art therapy comes from a very simple idea. We can all agree that our thoughts affect our emotions, which in turn is reflected on our bodies.

Art therapy depends on the concept that we can start from the end; this means that our body, if treated properly, can influence our emotions and ideas!

This is where dance movement therapy came from.

It heals the soul in so many ways through multiple techniques.

  • One of the ways through which participants heal is disconnecting. Focusing on the here and now is something we all need every once in a while.
  • Body among Other Bodies: Moving within a group of other people who are all sharing the same act delivers a sense of involvement.
  • Mirroring: One of the exercises Monica implements in her sessions is Mirroring. It means letting every two participants mimic each other's physical movements. This helps a lot with depression, and makes participants feel like they are not alone.
  • Other techniques enhances the bodies' fight and flight mood. This helps in calming of the mind, and just letting the body take the lead.

Monica turned the COVID-19 crisis into a positive time in her life. She followed her passion all the way to Dahab, which she calls "The City of Magic".

She took advantage of the fact that she is working from home and started giving dance movement therapy sessions in Eel Garden in Dahab.

These sessions are a bit more than an hour long, in which participants consciously  breathe for 10 minutes to give to prepare their bodies for this therapeutic experience, dance in pairs or groups, then they can talk and share their feelings.


Dance movement therapy is not about performing specific movements or exercises. It is about letting your body do whatever it really wants. You can dance, stand, sleep, rub your body against the floor or maybe simply sit down.

Dahab's tranquility, an experienced coach and a supportive group… I guess that is a combination we all need at some point in life.

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